Class of 1962, Jamesville-DeWitt High School, DeWitt, NY
John Abell--retired occupational analyst for NY State, lives in Palmetto, FL
Gladys Aleman Boyd
Robert L. Alexander--wed Cheryl Crough and lives in Lakewood, CO
Elsa Anderson--possibly living in Vernon Center, NY
Marsha Asprinio--teacher, lived in DeWitt, contracted rare disorder following a swine flu shot, and died on 12-4-1981 
Charles Baker--Rotary Club official in Redlands, CA
Robert Barrett, Jr.--attended Siena College before his death on 2-3-1964
Ben Bartlett--lives in San Gabriel, CA
Michael "Skip" Bello--was finance manager of the local Cultural Resources Council at his death on 12-1-1987
Gilbert L. Bieger--earned MBA from Columbia and is now living in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lana Marie Billings--died 5-7-1962 just prior to graduation
Vaughn Blanding--resides in Fayetteville, NY--family info
John F. Bliss
Kenneth Bodley--living in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Ausama Briedis Baxter--lives in Manlius, NY
James F. Brennan--retired sales representative, lives in DeWitt, NY
Janis Roxanne Briggs Rowland--lives in Baldwinsville, NY and Lakeland, FL
Gilbert H. Brown--retired truck driver, living in Jamesville, NY, at his death on 1-3-2010
Leonard O. Brown--owned trucking firm and manufacturing company--lives in Ft. Myers Beach, FL, and Cuba, NY
William B. Buckingham--business owner residing in Glens Falls, NY at his death on 1-30-2007--family info
Margaret "Peggy" Bunn Neerman--lives in Falls Church, VA and works for the State Department--family info
Lois Ann Burlingame O'Shea--lives in Tully, NY
Joseph Capurso--possibly living in Byron, NY--family info
Michael Carroll--was in the USMC when he was killed in action near DaNang, Vietnam, on 9-1-1966
James "J.C." Caulk, III--travel consultant in Pompano Beach, FL--family info
Martha L. Chadwick--was wed to Bill Eggers, lives now in Rochester, NY
Ellen M. Clark--resided in DeWitt, NY before her death on 12-10-1980--family info
Donna Crear Dellaportas--lives in Los Angeles, CA--family info
Cheryl Ann Crough Alexander--wed Robert Alexander and lives in Lakewood, CO
Thomas J. Cunningham--resides in Syracuse, NY--family info
Phyllis Davies
Cynthia L. Davis--was wed to Chuck Ebelhare, lives now in Leesburg, VA
John W. Davis--corporate underwriter, lives in Neenah, WI
Gerald "Jerry" A. DeMartino--may be residing in Far Rockaway, NY
Robert Dewey
William Dewey--believed to be residing in Syracuse, NY
Virginia "Ginger" Doolittle Humphrey--ret.'d teaching assistant, lives in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Frederick W. Downie--resided in CNY and was a dentist for the VA prior to his death on 1-9-2009
Jeffrey A. Drew--lives in Syracuse, NY
James A. Dyer--recently retired from AT&T and lives in CNY
Charles E. Ebelhare--was wed to Cynthia Davis, lives now in Glendale, AZ
William Eggers--partner in Rochester law firm, was wed to Martha Chadwick, lives in Webster, NY--family info
Charles Ellithorpe--physician in Davidson, NC
Roger H. Elwood--residing in Schenectady, NY, at his death on 8-13-1978
Judith English Paige--lives in Fayetteville, NY
John H. Fewer--works in Africa and the Middle East for DP World, and lives in Annapolis, MD
Richard Fillinger--married Sue Tily and lives in Lafayette, NY
Denis Flaherty--semi-retired marketing executive, lives in Syracuse,NY
Jess Forgays--lives in CNY
Ronald Furman--lives in New Jersey, executive with investment banking firm
Helen B. Garey
Sharon Garlow Grabosky--lives in Jamesville, exec. with Syracuse Chamber of Commerce
Frank T. Gaul--probably resides in the vicinity of Seattle, WA
Barbara Gifford Powell--lives in Orlando, FL, retired credit manager for a lumber company
Susan Gifford--living in Lynchburg, VA
Donna Green--resides in Santa Monica, CA
Linda Grafton Webb--high school teacher, living in WV
Dorothy Gray Wachtershauser--lives now in Munich, Germany
Linda Hadley Vishnesky--lives in Syracuse, NY
Robert H. Hamilton--resides in Edina, MN and Chimney Point, VT--CEO of Core Data in Minneapolis, MN
Arlene Heinemann Richardson--retired school administrator, living in Cary, NC 
John Helms--lives in Paoli, PA
Maria Therese Hemmer--family info
Edward Hoffman--thought to be living in Chittenango, NY
Peter Michael "Mike" Holm--lives in Jamesville, NY
Daniel R. Hopper--retired VP of operations, lives now in Myrtle Beach, SC
John F. Hotaling--lives in Syracuse, NY and works for the New Process Gear Corp.
Phillip Hubbell--works as a printer and lives in Liverpool, NY
Ronald J. Hutton--lived in Edgewater, MD prior to his death on 7-21-2001--family info
Susan Theresa Iannaccone--professor of medicine in Dallas, TX
Gordon Alan "Al" Ingram--lived in DeWitt and was a construction cost engineer at his death on 6-23-2009
Sundie Isham Sheftic--lives in Jamesville, NY
Robert C. Ivory--retired and living in Grapevine, TX--family info
Mary JoBeth "Jo" Jeffrey Maher--lives in Navarino, NY
Sally Jones
John J. Keeler--living in Jamesville, NY
J. Lee Kimbrell--attorney claims specialist with Wausau Ins. Co., residing in Roxbury, NJ, at his death on 5-31-1987
Margaret "Margie" Knapp Amato--lives in Mahopac, NY
Richard S. Kruth--living in Elgin, IL
Richard "Rick" M. Lannon--securities executive, living in Denver, CO--family info
Janet "Sue" Lathrop--lives in Jamesville, NY
Wiliam Lawler--restaurant worker prior to his death in Syracuse on 6-11-1999--family info
Richard "Rick" LeFever--thought to be living in Central Square, NY
Eileen Lerner Claussen--former Asst. Secy. of State, President of the Pew Center in Wash., DC
Barbara Levernoch Clark--lives in Cicero, NY--family info
Eugene "Gene" C. Lozner--lives in Manlius, NY, and is a cardiologist in practice in Syracuse
Marilyn J. Mackey--lives in FL
Nancy S. Marden Iverson--lives in Indianapolis, IN--family info
F. Richard Markham--lives in Bridgeport, NY
Karen R. Marshall
Anna Mae Martin Newhard--married Samuel G. Newhard in 1966, and lives in Tiffin, OH
Jan Eric Mattison--lived in Fresno, CA at his death in November, 1995--family info
Margaret "Marge" Rose Matysiak--wed Steven "Hugh" Titus, and lives in Durango, CO--family info
Mercedes McGann Egan--lives in Kildare, Ireland
Brad Meech--funeral director, lives in DeWitt, NY
Mark Meldola--lives and works in Lake George, NY
Carol Jane Menzel Viertel--lives in Coupeville, WA
Norma Meshurle Dillabough--lives in Jordan, NY
Terry Mitchell--insurance executive, lives in Montoursville, PA--family info
Ignacio "Binky" Molinet--business owner in W. Palm Beach, FL at his death on 8-1-2006
Linda Morris
Vivian Morton Taylor--lives in LaPine, OR
Constance "Connie" Murphy White--was wed to Jan Mattison, lives in CA--family info
Bertha "Birdie" Ann Nicholas French--lives in Jamesville, NY
Judith Nichols Rosenthal--English professor at California State University in Fresno, CA--family info
Karen M. O'Boyle
Van O'Shea--was a singer, and lived in Jamesville, NY, at his death on 11-1-1974
John T. Pearson--in the investment business in Newport, RI
Darleen Mae Pistello--lives in Jamesville, NY
Mary Jo Previtire Healy--lives in NC
William Rankin--probably residing in Cazenovia, NY
Taffy Rayner Kamm--lives in Colorado Springs, CO, and Ocean Ridge, FL--family info
William Anthony "Tony" Reddy--lives in Fayetteville, NY
Donald H. Rhoades--retired postal worker at his death on 11-26-2001
Thomas Rill--lawyer living in Syracuse, NY
Paul A. Ruoff--retired psychiatrist living in Colchester, VT--family info
Richard J. Ruzekowicz--lives in Liverpool, NY
Ernest Sarason--attorney, residing in Concord, MA
Anne Scheel DeCoste--lives in Barre, VT
Talma Aubrey Scott, III--graduated from SU, retired from Anheuser-Busch--lived in Worthington, OH, at his death on 3-2-1010
Amy "Bunny" Seleen Berger--thought to be living in Goshen, IN
Ada A. Sevier--lives in Syracuse, NY
Jane Seymour Helms--lives in Charlotte, NC
Jo Anne Sidelnik--lives in Syracuse, NY, retired English teacher
John C. Shannon--retired military officer, lives near Washington, DC--family info
Peter Shultes--lives in North Syracuse, NY
Suzanne Silverman Cole--resides in Seattle, WA
Deborah L. Smith
 Randall Southard--representative for Baxter Healthcare, lives in Clifton Park, NY
Theresa E. Stankosky
James Donald Sutor, Jr.--lives in Camillus, NY
John W. Sweet--investment banker in Milwaukee, WI
Robert "Bull" M. Tasker--financial consultant in Littleton, CO--family info
Herbert William "Bill" Taylor, III--died in November, 1985
Arthur Tedd--retired from NYSTA and living in Daytona, FL
A. Tenney
Susan Thomas Grajek--lives in Hiram, OH
Susan Tily Fillinger--wed Dick Fillinger and lives in Lafayette, NY--family info
Steven "Hugh" Titus--wed Margaret Rose Matysiak, and lives in Durango, CO--family info
MarieMay Blanche Trilling
Remegio "Remy" Valido--lives in OR
Susan Vibbert Kessler--lives in Manlius, NY
Stephen F. Voytko--living in Largo, FL
Judith Ann Wallace--lives in Rochester, NY
Richard "Rich"  Weight--business consultant, resides in Denver, CO--family info
Robert G. Wells--had been married to Barbara Gifford, was in IL at the time of his death on 3-19-1994
Roxanne G. Western--deceased
Curtis "Chip" H. Whiteley--lives in Jamesville, NY--family info
John A. Williams--retired from Agway and living in DeWitt
Thomas Wilson--now known as Tom Wilson Weinberg, lives in Philadelphia, PA
Sandra L. Wonderly
Robert Wood
John F. Zimmer--thought to reside in NH

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